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when I first beheld you esse’ I was a loxion native

searching for beads through your tributaries

to decorate my mahogany-ness

the shackles of apartness had fell

You were far ahead with people of all hues caressing your anatomy

they have converged within your bosom O’ isle of sunny’ O side


u r indwellers gesticulations & apparel shimmer

at midday saturday  to saturday

and their varied voices & tongues buzz like swarming bees

hallowing u r uniqueness.


asserted those wealthy with sensibilities &

jovial temperaments

& by this knitting neatly your busy veins

jeppe hamilton troye and celliers and leyds bourke

consorted they are by your heart muscle mall sunnypark

within the confines of which the famous shoe shop

for the phelendabens & mamelodians, sosha’s, gara-gara’s & the everyoneans

is nestled

where clothing, music, jewelry and convenient stores gasp & gag & gape

with the in-go-flow and out-go-flow of your pips after you have relished the juices thereof

while the transmitting four wheel machines whoosh and screech  ‘round the muscle

the heart muscle

while jeppe crosses your breast bone en route to the movie joint

& the scent of travera market, mag at the corner jep’

kwazi’s opposite pharmavelue not so far from ok

like that of the laboring stomach preceeded by intestines workings

transmutate thoughts to the shadow that reflects the status quo

of our metropolis.

oh esse

within my recollections you are embossed

& i rejoice in you potential – full stop.