the author’s note

Fiction offers an opportunity for the writer to observe the world from a critical distance even if the writer happens to be one of the characters in the story. In any case the writer cannot help it but go through what his or her characters have to go through in order for them to become round and full from the experiences that form part of the story – the narrative discourse.

The work that is collected here brings together my dabbling in the art of fiction writing. I consider my self more of an essayist of short form than a fiction writer.

There are a couple of pieces here which are semi autobiographical, perhaps it is safe to say one narrative told from two perspective respectively; these are the Passage organised in episodes and Behind The Blurred Mountain (which is an alternative jot to Passge). Included here are A Blues For The Blue Suit, a piece inspired by Can Themba’s short story The Suit and Three Symphonies of a Narratologist which is a play on logical order in story telling with a topping of sci-fi. These latter pieces will become available from 1 June onwards.

It is my hope that the reader will find this outing a joyful experience and that they will return to either peruse these modest pieces or to discover new fabrications.

Mmutle Arthur Kgokong

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posthighdef’21/mmutle arthur kgokong ©2011

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