Brotherman/le rock

i hack my past to once more commune with you like an *internaut

i hack  my heart to retrieve your essence

so that I can invoke r bygone moments

as time fashion my heart to accept your fleeting

i tiptoe through the labyrinths of my mind to re-enact your clean deeds bredren

so that i can once more reawaken your philosophies

to bring them to utility as like an illusive serpent the present  roll onward.

My first pair of tekkies you bought

& i blended with my peers who had ‘’em ‘ready

guiding me concerning youthful things

& as it dawned to cope with manhood

affirmed in the townshipscape

to stir the remnants of our memories to animation i hack the past

and as your potent teachings echo I remember brother man your fullness.

Dedicated to Tseko Man Dicksy Nkosi (1966 – 2004)

* see Virilio, P. 2005. The Information Bomb. Verso books

About Mmutle Arthur Kgokong/mmutleak

I am based in the City of Tshwane, South Africa. to a greater extent my writings cover the Visual Arts with a focus in documentation and archiving of artists' lives. To a lesser extent some of my writings cover television, movies and sometime Music that I find interesting. Occasionally, when I get the itch, I pen opinion pieces on matters of public and socio-political interest. Over the last few years my work has gravitated towards working with artists to build their biographical archives with an aim to preserve their contributions to South African art both in audio and transcripts under the Intraparadox series. View all posts by Mmutle Arthur Kgokong/mmutleak

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